What is Lockboxer?

By Ionut Trestian

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page started Google back in 1998 the stated mission of the new established company was in “organizing the world’s information.” The last decade clearly belonged to them as Google has been widely successful at doing so.

At Lockboxer we feel that although web companies have had a great influence on people’s lives by helping them organize digital information, optimize daily activities, enhance their social experience, several aspects have widely been overlooked. Lockboxer is aimed at filling a particular niche as we think that when users take the jump into the web they shouldn’t leave their material life behind. In our vision, users will be able to use Lockboxer to store information about their material items: electronic devices such as TVs and laptops, luxury items such as jewelry and perfumes, clothing items such as jackets, shirts etc. Such lists would have multiple uses: wish lists, donation lists, inventories for insurance purposes.

Before Lockboxer, users would craft their own cumbersome solutions to keep these inventories of their items. Such solutions would often involve spreadsheets or text documents that users store on their own computers or in cloud storage. This is far from perfect as spreadsheets and word documents don’t offer any specific functionality targeted at storing information about user items. It is also hard to integrate them with services such as eBay that users might want to use to sell their items. Second, using cloud storage provides only the reliability that comes from heavy replication and would again not offer any of the flexibility provided by Lockboxer. Lockboxer also provides this reliability by storing the user information in cloud storage.

Lockboxer is easy to use. By constant interaction with our users, we constructed an intuitive interface that helps users price their items, input all required information, and link to valuable services like eBay.

Finally, building on the past experiences of our team, we are committed to providing our users with the most complete and satisfying website experience by addressing issues of usability security, and seamless integration with popular services, platforms, and devices.


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