Smile for the Cameras

Chris Chowaniec, photographer

By Jennifer Morehead

The Lockboxer concept is a new take on old ways of managing your stuff. Selling things isn’t new. Making a donation of your things isn’t new. But the concept of pulling a list of items together and then being able to manage your stuff from one place is new. When we first started designing the Lockboxer site we did it all without pictures and realized there is a good reason we all know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Because it’s true.

There is limited space on a website for words and we’re forecasting even more limited patience from our beloved users to read all those words. We wanted to highlight pictures of things that would resonate with our users, making them think, “Oh yeah, I have one of those at home.” We also wanted to take some pictures of situations where you would use Lockboxer. We will slowly be incorporating these pictures into the website as it evolves and as we get feedback from everyone.

My good friend from college, Chris Chowaniec, volunteered to help out. Chris is a fantastic photographer who does both commercial and lifestyle photography. His studio is Davlin Court Photography.

We converted my sons’ playroom into a temporary photo studio (if you look closely in the picture you’ll see play-area fencing near the windows). We had Lockboxer team members stop in throughout the day to get their photos taken. Our incredible babysitter, Hannah Smith, who’s about to start her graduate studies in psychology at Northwestern University, said she’d be willing to model (or was it me insisting?). And Prescott Tolk, a well-known comedian, came by to lend his funny perspective on people and their stuff.

We hope you like the photos and as always, we welcome your feedback.


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