Lockboxer is Live

Jennifer, Kylie and Ionut

By Jennifer Morehead

Lockboxer has officially launched! We’re excited to find out from more people what they think of Lockboxer and how it helps make their lives easier.

We will be reaching out to the media and putting together some comedic videos about Lockboxer. Most of what we’ll focus on for Lockboxer will be fun and light-hearted. Because it’s nice to laugh. And because people do funny things when it comes to their stuff.

Lockboxer helps you do a lot based off the price and information about your things (ie: sell, make a wish list, etc). A key part of our service is letting customers make a home inventory. For a moment I’m going to get a little serious and focus on the home inventory piece.

This weekend our dear friends called at 2 am on Saturday saying there had been a fire in their condo building. They loaded their toddler-aged daughter, dog, and a few clothes into their car to come stay with us for a couple days. Luckily the building was okay for them to move back in. Our friends mentioned how in those few precious moments when they were grabbing the essentials to evacuate, they really did lose track of all that they had. They said how much they were excited about Lockboxer, so they could make a home inventory.

In a day and age when we read about disasters both natural and man-made, it’s nice to have a little feeling of control. My hope is that we offer that to our customers through Lockboxer.

Many people have helped turn the vision of Lockboxer into what you see today. Thanks to the Pixafy team, especially Uri Foox and Emmanuel Etienne. Thanks to Prescott, Ionut, Andy, Hannah, Chris, James, Sam, Tyrone, and Kylie. Thank you to all of our testers who spent so much time and effort giving us feedback. And thanks to my No. 1 tester, Brad.

At the end of the day, though, the customer is the most important person and the one we’d like to thank. We hope to get a lot of these customers. Visit http://lockboxer.com to use it and let us know what you think.


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