Protecting Yourself with Lockboxer

By Kylie Gilbert

Mother Nature can be devastating, as we’ve seen in the recent tornadoes, in Alabama in April and Missouri in May.  There is no way to see these things coming, but you can try to prepare as best as you can now so that if such a tragedy strikes you have one less thing to think about in the aftermath.

As you begin to start over after such a disaster, insurers will need a list of what you need to replace, which can be an overwhelming task. This is where starting a home inventory now comes into play.  And Lockboxer can provide a quick and easy way to do this.

Lockboxer lets you upload pictures and track details about your stuff.  Once you create your inventory, you have the option to sell your stuff, donate it, or share it with others, all by using Lockboxer.

It is a good idea to document the items in your home with as many pictures you can.  When it comes to jewelry, family heirlooms, and other one of a kind items, it is especially important to have photos, so use your digital camera and go crazy.   You should also include the make, serial number, date purchased, and purchase price, as well as any other details about the item. Update your inventory as often as possible, and at least once a year.

Your home inventory will always be accessible on Lockboxer. You can print out a hard copy to have for your records.  You should also keep a list of your insurance policy numbers and the phone number of who to call to report a claim with the inventory. You can file this within the Documents section of your home inventory on Lockboxer.

While no one likes to think of the worst, everyone should complete a comprehensive home inventory in case of a disaster.  Let Lockboxer provide you with peace of mind.

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