Your Feedback Wanted

By Ionut Trestian
Feedback from our Lockboxerusers is extremely important. In fact the very process in which we have designed and built Lockboxer was at all steps centered on usability feedback collected from an enthusiastic group of testers.We continuously want to improve Lockboxer and as such, your feedback is always extremely important to us. For this, we have incorporated in Lockboxer a widget that links to Feedback. Using it is simple: on the main page of the website you can click the black vertical “Feedback” button located on the left side.The widget is essentially a comment box where you can enter whatever feedback you find appropriate for Lockboxer. It can be anything: problems you experience with the service, features that you find useful and you would like incorporated, or just a note to say hello. You can categorize the feedback into several types including Idea, Question, Problem, and Praise. Feel free to enter your feedback in the comment box, give it a short title and a smiley face if you feel like it :).

We use Get Satisfaction to help us with our feedback community. In order to finish a posting on Lockboxer, Get Satisfaction needs a way to establish your identify in order to avoid spamming. The good news is that a lot of forms of logins are possible. You can use your Facebook account, your Gmail account, your Twitter account, your Windows Live account, and for the tech savvy even OpenID’s are accepted.

After Get Satisfaction establishes your identity in the way we described above you are basically done. You can choose to close the widget and go back to Lockboxer or view your posting on the Get Satisfaction community page for Lockboxer.

As you can see from the above process, giving feedback for Lockboxer is incredibly easy and we encourage you to do so! As for us, we are committed to incorporating the feedback we get into useful Lockboxer features such that our users get the best user experience possible.


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