Fantastic Personal Finance Tips from Money Crashers

By Kylie Gilbert

If you haven’t heard of Money Crashers, check it out. This how-to blog is the perfect place to go for all things related to personal finance.  The site is easy to navigate and you can instantly choose the area that interests you.  Whether you’re interested in money management, credit and debt, investing, small business, and economy and policy, there are a variety of bloggers giving you the latest tips and information.

The best part about Money Crashers is that whether you’re financially savvy or clueless (like me) it gives you detailed tips and step-by-step instructions for whatever stage of life you’re at and whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

One of the aspects of the site I found most useful were their tips on spending and saving . If you’re looking to make a new purchase or sell stuff you don’t want, this site makes it easy to organize and plan ahead for all of your big decisions. For example, articles such as 12 Steps for How to Make a Budget and Should You Feel Guilty About Spending Money? are perfect if you’re in need of help with personal budgeting, whether you’re just branching out on your own or already established. From there, you can use Lockboxer’s sell, donate, or wish list features to further help you get organized.

One of the most interesting articles I came across was 10 Things You should Always Buy Used Secondhand.  It describes items such as designer clothing, books, CDs, and furniture that you can easily find in pawnshops, thrift shops, or online stores like eBay and Amazon that can prevent you from throwing your money in the garbage when you buy them new.  I’m not saying I’m a complete convert (department store shopping will always be close to my heart), but for certain items, like books or DVDs, (where I’d honestly never really know or mind if someone else had them before me) this article explains how you can save money without sacrificing quality.  Going hand in hand with this was 8 Things That Lose Value as Soon as You Buy Them, which is not only useful if you’re about to make a new purchase, but also if you just want to have an inventory at hand to detail the value of your stuff.

If you’re at all interested in buying or selling on Craigslist, check out the super detailed blogs Money Crashers offers on how to successfully sell your stuff on Craigslist.  This article goes through important tips to help you plan and research, price the item, take photos, and write a detailed headline and description. Other articles such as How to Sell Your Car on Craigslist go into more specific instructions for particular items you may want to sell. How To Stay Safe And Avoid Getting Ripped Off On Craigslist and 7 Types of Common Craigslist Scams to Watch Out for are also must-reads and cover basic and not-so-basic tips for how to protect yourself from even the most sophisticated Craigslist scammers. You’ll be able to sell your items with ease knowing all of the home and apartment rental scams, ticket scams, job scams, and phony Craigslist websites and guarantees that exist.

Everyone’s in need of a little extra help sometimes when it comes to his or her personal finance.  Whether its figuring out what you can afford, how you can save, how you can go about purchasing big ticket times, or even how to sell your stuff, Money Crashers is a great tool to give you all the information you need.


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