What do you think of Lockboxer? Interview with tech writer Jay Torres

Interview with Jay Torres of TechZulu

Jay Torres, an engineer and writer on the tech scene, was kind enough to take a look at Lockboxer. We wanted to hear his thoughts so we asked him a few questions about what he thought of Lockboxer.

What types of items are you interested in getting a price for and why?

I’d be interested in pricing all of my gadgets and doing a full inventory of items in my apartment. My insurance policy requires this for items I’d like covered and I have never run into a web service that supports this. Also, I have amassed a decent collection of gadgets over the years and I feel Lockboxer does a good job of showing you what you currently own and the value of your gadgets.

How do you think Lockboxer would be most useful to you?

Lockboxer would be most useful to me as place to inventory all of my things. As a renter, my insurance policy will only cover items that I’ve recorded through an inventory. Taking pictures of the rooms in my apartment is how most insurance companies recommend taking inventory of the things in your apartment and Lockboxer actually supports this. And since I’m never in one apartment permanently, taking an inventory of a new place is very simple.

Would you recommend Lockboxer to your friends?

I would definitely recommend Lockboxer to my friends. I think it’s relevant for people whether they would like to find the current market price for things they are trying to sell or taking an inventory of items in their apartment. Lockboxer is effective for selling things on eBay, Craigslist, or even a garage sale. I feel Lockboxer provides a simple way to find the value of things that you own and an easy way to organize this information.

Jay Torres, according to his blog, is an engineer, gym rat, Apple fanboy, and foodie. Read more articles by Jay on TechZulu.


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