Feel Good and Clear the Clutter by Donating to Goodwill

By Kylie Gilbert

One of the best features of Lockboxer is the option to donate your items.  It not only lets you clear clutter so that you can use your space more productively, but you know that you’re helping someone else that can actually put your things to good use.

Lockboxer gives you average donation prices so that you have an easy and organized way of keeping track of how much you’ve donated throughout the year when it comes time for tax season.

One of the places you can easily donate to with Lockboxer is Goodwill. Once you’ve made a Lockboxer account, you can automatically find the Goodwill location nearest you, making the donation process even more convenient. By donating your items, you can join the over 74 million donors who helped their cause last year.

According to employees at several Goodwill stores and donation centers, the items most consistently brought in are clothes, shoes, household items, and electronics, particularly old televisions and phones. Some Goodwill locations also allow you to donate computer equipment and vehicles. The general rule of thumb according to the Goodwill website is if you would give your item to a relative or friend, your item is in good condition and appropriate to donate.

Before you donate your stuff, make sure to wash and dry any pieces of clothing, test electrical items to make sure they still work, and check with your local Goodwill to determine standards for donating computers and vehicles. Don’t donate any broken or dirty items, and be sure that all of your items meet current safety standards.

While you do get a receipt listing the items you’ve donated, this list of items has no dollar amount attached, making Lockboxer an easy way to fill in the blanks and help you with the daunting task of taxes.

By donating your items to Goodwill, you’re not only freeing up space in your home, but you’re also contributing to a greater cause.  In 2010 alone, more than 2.4 million people were served through employment and training programs, and over 20 million workforce development services were provided.  Over 170,000 people earned a job with the help of Goodwill. The total revenue generated by Goodwill organizations totaled $4 billion.

In addition to their retail stores, shopgoodwill.com is the first Internet auction site created, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization.  Participating Goodwill stores from across the country are able to offer a wide variety of goods for auction on the side based on what they receive for donation.

So, the next time you think you want to throw your old stuff in the trash, think again.  You could be making a bigger difference than you think.


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