Feng Shui Expert Erica Sofrina Talks About Lockboxer

We spent time with Feng Shui expert Erica Sofrina to hear more about the practice of Feng Shui and what she likes about Lockboxer.

What are the principles of Feng Shui that you teach?

We can learn invaluable lessons by looking at our physical surroundings (i.e., our homes and the things that are in our homes). It can powerfully illuminate what and what isn’t serving us in our environment. You should ask yourself these questions about your things: Do you love it? Does it uplift you? Is it useful? Does it reflect who you are now in your life?

What do you like about Lockboxer?

I’m always talking about getting rid of stuff that is considered clutter and am a proponent of the reduce, reuse, and recycle philosophy. I also teach a lot of professional organizers for their own practice on how to reduce clutter for their clients. Lockboxer is just the perfect vehicle for this. Figuratively, it’s one-stop shopping, in a way. You have all of your stuff and you can assess it, find out what it’s worth, and then sell it. We might have gotten something that we liked at one point and it’s really not in our taste anymore. It would benefit us to get rid of it and Lockboxer helps us do it. Anybody who is working through their stuff will find Lockboxer useful.

What is so powerful about clearing out the clutter?

If we like something, we’re energetically connected to it. That item translates into positive energy in our lives. But I talk a lot about moving things out of your life that are no longer useful. Lockboxer assists people in doing just that. When you move something out of your life that isn’t useful, like clutter, then you actually open up places in your life for new things to come in. After all, small changes have a big impact on us.

Have people been more or less focused on accumulating things in our culture?

There has been a whole paradigm about getting more in our culture and our society, but we’re moving out of it. The whole economy is shifting dramatically. People are starting to wake up and change.

Erica Sofrina is a teacher, author, and speaker who focuses on creating inspiring environments using the principles of Feng Shui. Sofrina is the founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui and wrote a book, Small Changes, Dynamic Results – Feng Shui for the Western World.


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