It’s not the 1800s anymore … that’s why you get homeowners insurance

We enlisted the help of independent insurance agent Ryan Hanley to tell us more about why and how to get homeowners insurance.

Q: Why is it smart to get homeowners insurance?

A: Because this isn’t the 1800s anymore. If your house burned to the ground and you didn’t have insurance the community is not going to rally around you and rebuild your house.  It’s just gone and you don’t have a house anymore.  Furthermore, most municipalities are going to place the burden of debris removal on you as the former homeowner.  Insurance is a low-cost way to protect against damage to your home. How many of your friends are willing to say “You give me $500 a year and if your house burns down I’ll give $250,000.”  Even if you have owned a home for 30 years you are paying $15,000 for $250,000 in the event of something horrible happening.

Homeowners insurance is a no-brainer.

Q: What should someone look for in a policy?

A: People should look for an insurance agent who is familiar with their community.  Every geographic area has unique features that only a local agent is going to be aware of and help to insure against. Consumers are not supposed to be experts in insurance.  Ask around for referrals, find an agent you are comfortable with and let that person guide you through the process.

Q: What should someone look for in an agent?

A: The consumer needs to be comfortable communicating with their agent.  In order to properly insure a person’s home the agent and consumer should engage in honest communication about the risks unique to that home.  Look for a stable professional with a good knowledge of the community.

Q: Why do you like Lockboxer as a home inventory tool?

A: Because home inventory should be a mandatory part of buying insurance.  I’ve seen far too often people forget to claim items or not have proof of purchase for an item after a loss.  Lockboxer takes care of this.  Again, no-brainer.

Ryan Hanley is an independent insurance agent based in Albany, NY. You can follow him on twitter or learn more at Facebook.


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