Unique Ways to Dump Your Junk to the Curb

By Kylie Gilbert

By now you’ve probably all heard about how you can sell your stuff on Craiglist, eBay (directly through Lockboxer), or Amazon.  But there’s some new, less familiar sites popping up that can provide alternate means for getting rid of your stuff too.  And who doesn’t want more options?

Whether you’ve been berated by your significant other about clearing out all your junk from your frat star days, or if you simply know your closet will burst if you attempt to add one more pair of shoes, these sites can provide simple solutions to tackle your problems.

And, most importantly, at the end of the day you can get rid of all your junk and have a clutter-free space to do whatever you wish- even if it is just to run out and buy more stuff to fill it!

1. Garage Fairy

This is one site that has come up on my radar.  Box up the things you no longer want, schedule a pick up time and then wait for your check to come in the mail, all without having to sell a thing yourself.

The pros of this new site?  Easy and hassle free, and there’s no upfront charge.  If your stuff sells, you get paid.  Simple enough.

There are some restrictions however.  You must have at least $200 worth of stuff, and if you don’t you will have to pay a shipping fee. There’s also a $5 fee per item to offset overhead costs.  The more you sell, the higher percentage of the sale will go directly to you.  If you sell over $100 worth of stuff, you’ll see 85 bucks in your pocket.  If your stuff doesn’t sell you have to pay $30 per box to get it shipped back to you, or you can donate these items to charity (which will still indirectly benefit you).

So, if you’re one of those people who is dying to get rid of clutter and have some extra cash to play with, but don’t necessarily have the time to devote to online selling, this is a simple way.  However, you do give up some of the profit and don’t have as much control over the selling process.

2. Myusedcollege.com

Here’s another site I’ve come across that might be helpful to those recent college grads- or maybe those not-so-recent grads who still don’t want to part with their college memories just yet.

This newly launched website enables users, presumable college students, to sell to other students and there are minimal costs to do so. While I know I’d want to hold on to that ratty futon forever, this is a great way to let it go, and know it’s being passed onto someone else who will keep your legacy going.

It’s hard to give a final verdict on this site just yet- right now there are not very many items to browse through.  However, down the road this seems like a fantastic way for college students to find textbooks, college supplies, costumes, furniture, electronics, etc. right in one place- and for others to simultaneously benefit by selling stuff they no longer need.

Right now, they are offering new sellers no commission fees, or listing fees- only a small PayPal fee, which leaves more money for you compared to Amazon and eBay, which may make this site more worthwhile depending on the item you are trying to get rid of.

3. Freecycle

With a motto of “changing the world one gift at a time,” this site just had to be on my list as well. The Freecycle Network™ is a nonprofit movement made up of over 4,000 groups with over 8 million members worldwide.  It’s a fantastic way for people to give and get stuff for free in their own town and “keep good stuff out of landfills.”

Just search your town, become a member of the local group, and you’ll be able to post messages and get in touch with fellow members of the group.  It seems like you’re a bit on your own after that for getting the item to or from another person, so you should use caution like any other time you’re interacting with strangers on the Internet.  Overall, if you simply want to get rid of stuff without money in return, this is a great way to do so.


Home Enchanted: Organization Lessons For You

By Pooja N. Gugnani

Pooja Gugnani is a Professional Organizer and Founder of Organizing With You, Inc. 

As a professional organizer, I’m well aware that organizing is not always interesting and enjoyable to others as it is to me- that is why I have a job!

Recently, I’ve pondered over how I can get more clients to see a little of what I see in the beauty and benefit of organizing.  And that’s when I came up with what I call- “The Fairy Tale Approach.”

Fairy tales have a way of making things seem promising and never fail to invoke optimism. The optimism that lacks in many who view organizing as a “grueling process,” something they want to simply “get through.” I realized that this much-disliked process is also a result of how disconnected we feel from our space.  If we truly recognized the beauty and harmony of our dwelling and how it nurtures our life, any effort to ensure it complements us perfectly would seem well worth it.

It is important to develop the ability to open the walls of our soul to the walls of our home before investing in the physical work (organizing, remodeling, decorating) we do to our homes.  Here are some of my thoughts on how you can develop that bond with your home and modify your mindset before you change your physical space:

  • Be Selfish- Understand what your own needs are before addressing the needs of your home.
  • Live in the Present- Think about what you need from your space Now! Organize and design your space in a way that it supports your present aspirations.
  • Be Free- Feel comfortable with relying on your instincts, if you want colorful & gaudy drapes because they make you happy, then get them!
  • Peace by Peace- Your ultimate goal should be deriving peace from your home. Surround yourself with objects that depict peace, and calm your inner being.
  • Experiment A Little- If you want to try it out, feel free adopt a few home science tools or principles of Feng Shui.  A water fountain in a corner or a wind chime can’t hurt.
  • Fantasize – Think of your home as palatial and pristine, something only you’re privy to.  After all this is your place where your dreams take place and sometimes come true!

You can make organizing an experience that is uplifting and peaceful, if you are willing to spend the time to get to know your surroundings a little better.

You Bought What on eBay?





By Kylie Gilbert

Ebay is widely known as one of the easiest and most useful sites to  buy and sell whatever it is your heart desires.  However, if you spend some time perusing the site, you’ll quickly find that the scope of items available covers a wide range.  Obviously many people turn to eBay for useful items they’d like to find for cheaper than in stores.  And of course there are also items that serve purely entertainment purposes like collectibles that can sell for significant sums.

However, separate from these categories you also have the just plain strange.

Take for example this heart shaped potato chip.  I’ve got to admit, it’s probably worthy of a Facebook upload, but… really? Someone saw that thing come out of the bag and thought immediately of the profit margin they could make on their potato chip? Clearly food is popular with others as well. For 99 cents, this “Amazingly normal piece of toast!!!” can be yours.

If food isn’t your style, you can also check out more creative items for sale like this hole.  Yes, you heard me.  This imaginative seller boasts, “item is in excellent condition you can put this hole any where you want, it doesn’t matter if you fill it in, fix it, block it up or try to remove it, it always comes back just in a different shape and place you will always have this hole for as long as you live.”

In addition to the plain silly, there are also items that are baffling for their sheer cost. Take for example this $21 million dollar painting from an Italian artist.  Or, for the same price you can buy this domain name.

Celebrity focused items are also huge on eBay.  This painting of Peyton Manning can be yours for just $2.5 million or for $800 you can start the bid on an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt ‘suspected’ to have been worn by Justin Timberlake.  In the past, items previously worn or used by celebrities have sold for thousands.  Britney Spears’ old chewing gum went for a whopping $14,000 several years back.

It turns out that as long as eBay is out there helping countless individuals make normal transactions everyday; there will undoubtedly be some ridiculous items out there as well.

More stuff to look at: http://business.solveyourproblem.com/buy-on-ebay/strangest_items_ever_sold_on_ebay.shtml

From Dread to Done in Under 1 Hour

By Jennifer Morehead

Okay, let’s break down how this home inventory gets done. Yes, we all know we need one and need a record of the belongings we have in our home. Yes, we all know that the process is daunting, particularly if you’re more of a hoarder than a minimalist.

So where do you start?

I’m going to play the high school gym teacher. Imagine me with a whistle, barking orders on the sidelines as you run laps. Yes, maybe it’s painful for a moment, but you definitely feel good and are in better shape after a big run.

Step 1: Take 4 pictures of each room in your house and 2 pictures of each closet. Don’t worry a lot about the bathrooms or hallways unless you have valuables in those places.

Step 2: Upload these pictures to your computer.

Step 3: Answer 6 questions in the Basics part of Lockboxer (it’s short, don’t worry, and it helps the other sections do a lot of the work for you).

Step 4. Upload the pictures you took to Lockboxer and drag them into the right room.

Step 5. You can choose to enter in more details as you like for each room. This part is totally up to you. If you want to just have the photos on Lockboxer it’s fine. If you want to focus on your living room, dining room, and a couple of closets, that’s okay too. If you want to upload the warranty, serial number, and receipt for your belongings you can do that, too. Our homes are each different so we should be able to have a customized home inventory.

Remember: Focus on the items in your home that are $100 or more. Don’t worry about the toilet paper, the light bulbs, and the dog food.

After you take pictures of the inside of your home, you should allow for an hour of time to put together your home inventory on Lockboxer. We’ll then send you reminders so you can make sure the inventory stays dynamically updated.

There you have it. Your home inventory can go from dread to done in under 1 hour.