From Dread to Done in Under 1 Hour

By Jennifer Morehead

Okay, let’s break down how this home inventory gets done. Yes, we all know we need one and need a record of the belongings we have in our home. Yes, we all know that the process is daunting, particularly if you’re more of a hoarder than a minimalist.

So where do you start?

I’m going to play the high school gym teacher. Imagine me with a whistle, barking orders on the sidelines as you run laps. Yes, maybe it’s painful for a moment, but you definitely feel good and are in better shape after a big run.

Step 1: Take 4 pictures of each room in your house and 2 pictures of each closet. Don’t worry a lot about the bathrooms or hallways unless you have valuables in those places.

Step 2: Upload these pictures to your computer.

Step 3: Answer 6 questions in the Basics part of Lockboxer (it’s short, don’t worry, and it helps the other sections do a lot of the work for you).

Step 4. Upload the pictures you took to Lockboxer and drag them into the right room.

Step 5. You can choose to enter in more details as you like for each room. This part is totally up to you. If you want to just have the photos on Lockboxer it’s fine. If you want to focus on your living room, dining room, and a couple of closets, that’s okay too. If you want to upload the warranty, serial number, and receipt for your belongings you can do that, too. Our homes are each different so we should be able to have a customized home inventory.

Remember: Focus on the items in your home that are $100 or more. Don’t worry about the toilet paper, the light bulbs, and the dog food.

After you take pictures of the inside of your home, you should allow for an hour of time to put together your home inventory on Lockboxer. We’ll then send you reminders so you can make sure the inventory stays dynamically updated.

There you have it. Your home inventory can go from dread to done in under 1 hour.


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