Cracking the Code for Craigslist

By Kylie Gilbert

Along with sites like eBay and Amazon, Craigslist is center stage as a convenient method for selling items online. In addition to providing a huge community of online users, Craigslist is also a cheaper alternative, making this site an important tool for getting rid of all of that junk you no longer want, or buying something new for that matter.  Follow these simple steps to be a Craigslist master in no time.

Pictures and Descriptions:

Just as with eBay or any other method of selling your stuff online, you should include as many high quality pictures and detailed descriptions as possible to make your item stand out and build your credibility.  I don’t want to buy anything without seeing what it looks like, even if you tell me it’s in great shape.  This description should also include dimensions as well, especially when it comes to larger items like furniture.

What to Sell:

When deciding what you actually want to sell, people are most interested in buying items that are hard to come by, or often overpriced.  Bottom line: people want a deal, so if you can make this happen you’re on your way to a sale.  It is worth your while to sell larger more expensive items, rather than smaller items that take just as much time and effort to advertise and sell but don’t bring in as much money.

Finding the Right Price:

Price right, sell quickly.  That’s the name of the game.  Finding the right price is key because some people waste time listing items for way more than their worth, rather than being realistic about it.  This doesn’t mean you need to give it away either (well, unless you know it’s crap).  However, keep in mind the cheaper you go the more offers you will have rolling in.  You may also want to consider offering transportation for an extra fee depending on what it is you’re selling.

It’s important to make these conscious steps to sell your items as quickly as possible so buyers don’t begin to assume that there is something wrong with your item that is keeping others from purchasing it.   Even though you may think your item is worth all the money in the world, shoppers won’t think twice about buying a cheaper alternative if your price is sky high.  Think reducing the price to about 50% of new or less if you’re serious about selling.

Carrying out the sale:

People are flaky.  They might say they want something and change their mind the moment after they hang up with you. They may say they want to come take a look and not show up. That’s why you should make sure they come to pick up the item ASAP so you can complete your transaction with the least amount of hassle as possible.  However, patience is definitely key.

Some good sites to check out that helped inform this post:


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