The Edited Life

By Janine Adams

On the email list for the National Association of Professional Organizers, I saw a link to a TED talk by Graham Hill called Less stuff, more happiness.

In the talk, Hill extolls the virtues of living with less. Hill, who started a project, makes a compelling argument. His main three guidelines are:

  1. Edit ruthlessly
  2. Think small
  3. Make multifunctional

He suggests that living with less gives you more freedom and time. That makes a lot of sense to me. I see how possessions tie people down and actually prevent them from living the life they want to lead.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

Janine Adams is a certified professional organizer and owner of Peace of Mind Organizing. She specializes in working with chronically disorganized client, primarily in their homes, helping them create the order they crave. She blogs regularly at her website and offers concise, downloadable Organizing Guides for purchase. With life coach Shannon Wilkinson, she also offers a 28-day e-course called Declutter Happy Hour.

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