What’s It Worth? TV Shows About Pricing Your Stuff

By Kylie Gilbert

If you turn on the TV, you can easily find that finding out what your stuff is worth is all the rage right now. These shows have become such a huge phenomenon and quite frankly some of them are addicting.  Let’s face it, just like those shows about extreme makeovers or home decorating, you can easily get sucked in thinking you are in fact the person who has just lost 200 pounds, or gained a new living room.

However, in the case of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars, it is huge chunks of cash that people often gain, and believe me, this can make for one exciting show-even if you’re only watching it happen to someone else.   Some customers have an idea of what their item might be worth and come in asking for amounts that can reach up to $750,000.  However, others have no idea that the item they may have found at a garage sale or retrieved from a dusty closet could be worth thousands.

Sometimes the Pawn Stars can’t wait to get their hands on an item, other times they just can’t offer the customer the price they are asking, and sometimes they just laugh in the customer’s face.  Regardless, watching one person’s trash turn into someone else’s treasure can definitely make for entertaining television.

PBS’s Antiques Roadshow is another popular show centered on finding the value of people’s stuff.  This year marks the 15th season of this “part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt,” which along with its eight Emmys and 10 million weekly viewers prove just how engaging this show can be.  Viewers are fascinated as they see antiques and collectibles appraised, and latch onto the fascinating stories behind each item.  Just like in Pawn Stars, what one person deems worthless can actually be worth thousands.  In one episode, what some left on the side of the road was picked up by others who saw its value- and the payoff was huge.

If you really want to talk trash to treasure, tune into the History Channel’s American Pickers.  In this show, ‘pickers’ Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz earn their living by travelling the country to find items in junkyards and garages everywhere and restoring forgotten relics.  If you’re a history buff at all you’ll love watching this show and seeing the great lengths this duo will go to in order to find the most interesting, quirky, and historic items out there.

There’s no doubt that people care about finding out how much stuff is worth.  That’s why all of these shows are so popular and exactly why Lockboxer is so valuable. Lockboxer gives you all the tools you need to find out how much your stuff is worth instantly, and then sell, donate, or add the item to a home inventory.


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