Lockboxer will be stopping service on Dec. 31, 2012

By Jennifer Morehead

We are sorry to announce that we will be discontinuing Lockboxer’s service as of December 31, 2012. It has been a pleasure to serve our customers and throughout Lockboxer’s time online there has always been excitement and buzz around what the service could provide for people. Our company is moving in a different direction, though. In April we launched Moveboxer, where we connect people with a mover, boxes, and storage. We’re excited about Moveboxer’s growth and look forward to providing more and more features through the Moveboxer brand. As such, we will be stopping Lockboxer’s service on Dec. 31, 2012 and redirecting the domain name to our brand at Moveboxer. Thank you for using Lockboxer and if you need a mover, please use our service at Moveboxer.com.



Dealing with the Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Written by Mary Davis

Our thoughts are going to friends and family on the East Coast who have just survived the devastating Hurricane Sandy. We are keeping you all close to our hearts as you survey the damages.

We have put together a story that gives tips around recovering the losses around a water-logged home and preparing it to be sold and getting ready for a move. Lockboxer is a great way to capture the details of any items that were lost and Moveboxer is a good spot to get a mover once you are ready for that (who can even think of that right now?).

We hope these tips are helpful and good luck to you in your clean-up efforts.

Local Movers and Info on Moveboxer

By Mary Davis

We are so excited to talk about the great local movers, long distance movers, and mover information on Moveboxer. Moveboxer wants to be be with people every step of the way through their move. It’s a tough process so it is nice to have someone holding your hand throughout your move. When you are looking at neighborhoods or considering a new city, it is nice to find an impartial and easy place to do research. Moveboxer provides this city-specific content, complete with moving tips.

Here are some of the cities where they have info:

The articles are quick and easy to read and they provide info on how to save money on your move to or from the particular city, or what adventures you will find in that city. Moveboxer tries to address everything around the move – the stress, the excitement, the research. Please read on and enjoy the articles about these cities, plus local movers and long distance movers from Moveboxer.

Moving Made Easier with Lockboxer

By Kylie Gilbert

People have mixed feelings about moving.  Sure, it can be one of the best, most exciting times of your life, but it can also be one of the most stressful and daunting tasks imaginable (take a look at this awesome checklist to make it easier.) However, for a number of reasons (mostly lifestyle changes like new babies, promotions, divorces, job transfers, etc. according to the U.S. Census Bureau), 1 in 5 people every year are forced to pack up all their belongings and move.

Since the average American moves 11 times during his or her lifetime, it’s something everyone could use a little help with.  If you’ve moved before, you know it can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re moving cross-country.  Lockboxer’s sell it tool is a great way to clear out stuff you no longer need in order to streamline the items you have to pack, ship, and unpack in your new home.  Plus, what better time to go through all your old junk than when you’re starting over fresh in a new home?

If you don’t want to sell your stuff, you can also donate it through Lockboxer. Since simply dropping off your items at a Goodwill store will only give you a receipt of the items you donated, and not how much they’re worth, Lockboxer can really come in handy.   We’ll help you donate your stuff by automatically giving you the Salvation Army and Goodwill locations nearest you, and then give you the average donation prices of your items.  Then, when it comes time for taxes you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Of course, after you’ve cleared out all your old stuff and moved in, you may want to do some shopping. With a new home often comes a new wish list as well! Lockboxer can also be used to compile a list of all the new items you’d like for your home.  You can find the best prices on new dishware, linens, or whatever else your heart desires by searching on Lockboxer.  Then of course you’ll want to share it with all your friends and family so you get a housewarming gift you actually want- not something you have to re-gift or bury in the back of your cupboard, only to be returned from hiding when that lovely family member returns for the holidays.

Happy moving!